The ‘Amsterdam City Archives’ relieves sewer system with Hydrorock infiltration buffers

The Amsterdam City Archives is the historical documentation center of the city of Amsterdam with 50 kilometers...

No pipework necessary
Ready for immediate use
Environmentally friendly
Lasts a lifetime
100% Dutch


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam opts for a local infiltration system

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Living on an estate in harmony with nature

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Drainage solution for residential farm at the Krimpen aan den IJssel

Krimpen aan den IJssel lies in the "Krimpenerwaard" polder, The Netherlands. A place which is below sea level...


Sustainably resolved flooding in the parking area in Amersfoort

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Smart dripping irrigation solution on fig plantation in Dubai

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Rainwater infiltration in public green area of Xiamen, Haicang District China

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Dry feet for students on the campus of the Electric Power University in Beijing

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Prevent flooding on the streets in Shanghai

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