This is Hydrorock

The solution for all your flooding, made from the 100% natural stone wool material. Molten rock that is spun into fibers and formed into a block, encased in a membrane of erosion-resistant filter cloth. Lifelong operation and immediately ready for use.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need fall for correct drainage?

Unlike drainage hoses, Hydrorock blocks do not require a slope for correct drainage. The unique stone wool material ensures that it does not matter how the infiltration blocks are placed. By placing the infiltration blocks behind each other (possibly in various directions) the optimum drainage function is created. In this way, they always function as rainwater buffers and release the absorbed water to the surrounding soil.

Is Hydrorock also available in other countries?

Certainly, Hydrorock works with professional retailers in many countries. We are more than happy to refer you to one of these retailers. Hydrorock also works together with authorised retailers outside Europe. In China, Hydrorock is used to collect rainwater from highways, for example. Our official retailer in Australia sells Hydrorock mainly to prevent desiccation.

Should the brackets be screwed to the linear channel drain?

No, the linear and brackets work according to a handy click system, which makes screwing unnecessary.

Can Hydrorock be used with high groundwater levels?

The infiltration blocks must always remain above groundwater level. The blocks would otherwise be filled with groundwater instead of surface water. Therefore, always check the groundwater level before you start construction. Local groundwater monitoring networks or the DINO counter (Data and Information from the Dutch Subsurface) can help you with this. At a high groundwater level, it is possible to work with blocks that have a lower height, such as the types D34 or D112.

Where can I find the Hydrorock price overview?

For the most current prices, we advise you to contact your nearest Hydrorock International dealer. Look here for an overview of suppliers of Hydrorock solutions. They will be happy to make a customized offer for you. For prices and online ordering of individual Hydrorock® products you can look at the various web shops.